Lake Cumberland

Community Action Agency, Inc.

Kynect Program


LCCAA provides Kynectors in the 10 county Lake Cumberland Region including: Adair, Casey, Clinton, Cumberland, Green, McCreary, Pulaski, Russell, Taylor and Wayne County. The overall goal of the Kynect  Program is to provide assistance about insurance affordability programs and coverage options so that Kynectors can educate and assist Kentuckians with making informed decisions when selecting a health plan and enrolling in plans. Kynectors will help individuals and small businesses in Kentucky determine their health plan needs and assist them in choosing plans that meet those needs. They will also conduct outreach activities to proactively educate the Kentucky population about the exchange and the ACA.


Services of the Kynector Program include:

1. Enrollment – assist individuals, families, and small businesses with enrollment in qualified health plans and insurance affordability programs;

2. Outreach – inform the public about Exchange and health insurance options and insurance affordability programs; and

3. Education – provide information to individuals and small businesses regarding health insurance, Insurance affordability programs, and QHP selection.


Kynector duties include:

a) conducting public education activities to raise awareness of the availability of Qualified Health Plans (QHPs);

b) distributing fair and impartial information concerning QHPs;

c) facilitating enrollment in QHPs; d) providing referrals to any applicable offices in the event of complaints and appeals; and ;

e) providing information in a manner that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.



We serve the following Counties in South Central Kentucky
Adair - Casey - Clinton - Cumberland - Green - McCreary - Pulaski - Russell - Taylor - Wayne


To be directed to a Kynector contact 270-343-4600 or contact a Kynector directly at:

Adair County

(606) 305-9506


Casey County

(606) 305-9506


Clinton County

(606) 305-0763


Cumberland County

(606) 305-0763


Green County

(606) 305-9506


McCreary County

(606) 305-0763


Pulaski County

(606) 305-9506


Russell County

(606) 305-0763


Taylor County

(606) 305-9506 or (606) 305-1186


Wayne County

(606) 305-0763